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Welcome To IMS

  • We are an executive search and recruitment company. Our excellence is in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals for Senior, Middle and Junior Management Level. Our specialization is in understanding company needs, and providing candidates with relevant experience and skills to meet the needs of the organization. Our mission is to recruit responsible people in respect of vacancy and company needs.

    We deliver value by building strong bonds with our clients; those, which help us understand the environment in which clients operate, the goals clients seek to accomplish, the results they want to achieve, and the challenges we must meet head-on together.


    If the candidate leaves within 3 months of joining, we will find a replacement which will not be charged for. This warranty is only if the candidate leaves voluntarily but we should be intimated as soon as he leaves.

Core Of Success

INDIA MANPOWER SOLUTION provides jobs and training in various sector like Banking and Insurance, Securities, Construction, FMCG, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, BPO, Automobiles, Hospitality etc.